Thursday, December 31, 2009

My New Year Resolution - 2010

I feel this year (2009) has finished too fast…would like to take some time to reflect on what actually transpired throughout this year, in the beginnig and middle of the year had to face few rough patches on personal front, which made long lasting footprints in my life, those apart, made some significant improvements/changes and few success stories…. firstly stopped consuming Alcohol (6 months now…Wow! thing for sure, atleast for me), started reading Books! (lot of value add), started spending more Time with Family, started Blog (finally, long pending thing), reduced to emphasize My Point of View (interestingly it has proved good for me)…etc (trying to recollect more)

Success stories…first and foremost important, met my Elder Sister after 20 long years (we broke down deeply together, even now I have water in my eyes when I recollect that occasion), New House :-), got in contact with majority of my Schoolmates (thanks to social networking sites, actually now I feel I should have joined much earlier), accomplished 2009 resolution visiting Srisailam monthly once, associated back with my Childhood Friend (we were parted b'coz of some bad clouds, almost 5 years back), Support to Kurnool Flood victims with help of some close associates (we tried doing our best, but we felt it was still less whatever we have done), Losing Weight (yet to reduce more), LKP Team outing (my previous company, was really fun), Back Bone Award for FY10-H1 in MS….last but not least made 2 of my friends settled in Job and 1 in Business…etc…etc. (many etc’s is it?? hard to recollect all naa, wish I was encyclopedia)

What desired and could not be accomplished was, to bring back My Close Pal to Hyd (currently working in Pune from last 2.5 years, missing his presence here badly)……hmmmmmm and My Dream…“Entrepreneur” :-( .

Well having said that, I’ve set “My New Year Resolution - 2010” to accomplish the once which were carry forwarded, as priorityMy Close Pal to Hyd and am adamant to become Entrepreneur this year (let’s see what God will say/do)… I’ve narrowed downed some good projects, now all I need to do is to finalize the one which results in making me Good & Successful Entrepreneur and do not have COI with my current profile at MS, also it’s an implied assumption that I will continue learning/doing things from 2009 resolution… and I have set following for 2010:

• Achieve 2010 Resolution.
• Time Management
• Professional Certification – Procurement.
• To avoid dependency as much as possible, could be anything and from anyone.

Wishing You All, Happy & Prosperous 2010.

- Shastry MVN