Friday, December 30, 2011


First of its kind we had to taste the “Failure” post starting AIM Group, probably it’s a learning not to invest/venture into domain where we are not subject matter expert and in business – DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. Nebulae is flop show, people who promised have never kept their word (probably they never meant it, all they wanted from us was their personal monitory benefit/s)... in-fact they never bothered to get in contact post me moving out of MS. This was very strange to me especially, the people who where reason for me stepping out of MS (infact few helped me in drafting my resignation as well :-)..Huh) and financially depended on us.

Well we and I personally tried a lot to knot the gap, but wasn’t successful from two factors 1- we don’t have relevant exposure, as we were from different domain and 2- economic slowdown, all we were was strong from Financial perspective... probably part-2 wouldn’t have been more impactful if we had expertise what we thought we had when we initially started this journey (but there was always my pie available, couldn’t grab it). Again I don’t want to drift over this issue, knowing it’s recurring thing now in my life.... nor I can change or people of that category change, hence I will leave it to him to make the decision... onto to who is right and who is wrong.

Today almost 3+ months I have stepped out of comfort corporate zone, too many things to learn still... (Piece of free advice to cushion lovers: never get out of corporate, if you can’t survive without cushion)... But one thing is for sure, life definitely a long learning process. Many times I had to witness, the learning’s from corporate world doesn’t work in rest of world, specially NO SLA or TAT on decision making, patience is important... well, it definitely helps in steadying the process, policies and SOP’s :-D... I am enjoying it with pain and learning.

Now success is a part of process @ AIM today, but we do have some partners (vendors) cribbing decisions get delayed @ AIM...hmmmm. Too many things happening @ AIM front, I am tied up with NDA... will post more updates as we go live periodically.

Personal front, looking forward for some good changes soon in life... So in 2012 NO Resolutions, all we need is complete FOCUS, FOCUS & FOCUS.

Wishing All, Happy New Year -2012 in advance!

- Shastry MVN