Monday, August 1, 2011

My Last Lap, as an Employee!

Woo! It’s been more than 3 months I have not visited here? Decently occupied in life, these days.

Some drastic decisions (from family & few friends perspective) and success stories. Well firstly my era END’s as an employee forever on 15 Sep 2011, from Microsoft – Amen (through I continue to work till 2017 as entrepreneur). Yes, I have decided to step out of MS and focus full time in Business. There was huge resistance from family, few friends and colleagues… all I wish is if they could perceive what I desire to achieve! Ofcourse the other bunch is always there to boost me. :-)

So what more “AIM Developers & Builders” goes live on 12 June 2011, with official bhoomi puja (performed to inaugurate a new site for the construction of a home or building) and we are looking forward to complete the project and handover by end of Feb or Mid-March of 2012 to the purchasers. This project was named as “AIM Prestige” as this happens to be our first official project from “AIM Developers & Builders”. Few Amenities & Specifications proposed for this building are first of its kind in individual apartments and now we AIM to maintain the same standards across all ventures under “AIM Developers & Builders” banner (in all best possibilities).

We see overwhelming response from Friends & Colleagues and we also anticipate the bookings to be closed hassle freely. On this occasion Vinod (formally known as Gundala Vinod Rao) joins as partner for this project in “AIM Developers & Builders”.

On a second note Suri Babu and Myself with few of my office colleagues and know people have started a software company by name “Nebulae Software Services Pvt. Ltd. (NSS)”.

NSS has chosen following 3 verticals as service offerings to begin with and has an aggressive plan proposed for next 3 year:

• Managed Services
• Application Development
• Products Development

This particular business is first of its kind which is out of “AIM Group” value proposition bracket proposed earlier which we ventured into, however we feel it meets the criteria – “We Build Relations”.

Life is exciting at this juncture and looking forward to keep myself very occupied for next months to come.

"Just as a cautious businessman avoids investing all his capital in one concern, so wisdom would probably admonish us also not to anticipate all our happiness from one quarter alone. - Sigmund Freud".

- Shastry MVN