Friday, December 30, 2011


First of its kind we had to taste the “Failure” post starting AIM Group, probably it’s a learning not to invest/venture into domain where we are not subject matter expert and in business – DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. Nebulae is flop show, people who promised have never kept their word (probably they never meant it, all they wanted from us was their personal monitory benefit/s)... in-fact they never bothered to get in contact post me moving out of MS. This was very strange to me especially, the people who where reason for me stepping out of MS (infact few helped me in drafting my resignation as well :-)..Huh) and financially depended on us.

Well we and I personally tried a lot to knot the gap, but wasn’t successful from two factors 1- we don’t have relevant exposure, as we were from different domain and 2- economic slowdown, all we were was strong from Financial perspective... probably part-2 wouldn’t have been more impactful if we had expertise what we thought we had when we initially started this journey (but there was always my pie available, couldn’t grab it). Again I don’t want to drift over this issue, knowing it’s recurring thing now in my life.... nor I can change or people of that category change, hence I will leave it to him to make the decision... onto to who is right and who is wrong.

Today almost 3+ months I have stepped out of comfort corporate zone, too many things to learn still... (Piece of free advice to cushion lovers: never get out of corporate, if you can’t survive without cushion)... But one thing is for sure, life definitely a long learning process. Many times I had to witness, the learning’s from corporate world doesn’t work in rest of world, specially NO SLA or TAT on decision making, patience is important... well, it definitely helps in steadying the process, policies and SOP’s :-D... I am enjoying it with pain and learning.

Now success is a part of process @ AIM today, but we do have some partners (vendors) cribbing decisions get delayed @ AIM...hmmmm. Too many things happening @ AIM front, I am tied up with NDA... will post more updates as we go live periodically.

Personal front, looking forward for some good changes soon in life... So in 2012 NO Resolutions, all we need is complete FOCUS, FOCUS & FOCUS.

Wishing All, Happy New Year -2012 in advance!

- Shastry MVN

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Last Lap, as an Employee!

Woo! It’s been more than 3 months I have not visited here? Decently occupied in life, these days.

Some drastic decisions (from family & few friends perspective) and success stories. Well firstly my era END’s as an employee forever on 15 Sep 2011, from Microsoft – Amen (through I continue to work till 2017 as entrepreneur). Yes, I have decided to step out of MS and focus full time in Business. There was huge resistance from family, few friends and colleagues… all I wish is if they could perceive what I desire to achieve! Ofcourse the other bunch is always there to boost me. :-)

So what more “AIM Developers & Builders” goes live on 12 June 2011, with official bhoomi puja (performed to inaugurate a new site for the construction of a home or building) and we are looking forward to complete the project and handover by end of Feb or Mid-March of 2012 to the purchasers. This project was named as “AIM Prestige” as this happens to be our first official project from “AIM Developers & Builders”. Few Amenities & Specifications proposed for this building are first of its kind in individual apartments and now we AIM to maintain the same standards across all ventures under “AIM Developers & Builders” banner (in all best possibilities).

We see overwhelming response from Friends & Colleagues and we also anticipate the bookings to be closed hassle freely. On this occasion Vinod (formally known as Gundala Vinod Rao) joins as partner for this project in “AIM Developers & Builders”.

On a second note Suri Babu and Myself with few of my office colleagues and know people have started a software company by name “Nebulae Software Services Pvt. Ltd. (NSS)”.

NSS has chosen following 3 verticals as service offerings to begin with and has an aggressive plan proposed for next 3 year:

• Managed Services
• Application Development
• Products Development

This particular business is first of its kind which is out of “AIM Group” value proposition bracket proposed earlier which we ventured into, however we feel it meets the criteria – “We Build Relations”.

Life is exciting at this juncture and looking forward to keep myself very occupied for next months to come.

"Just as a cautious businessman avoids investing all his capital in one concern, so wisdom would probably admonish us also not to anticipate all our happiness from one quarter alone. - Sigmund Freud".

- Shastry MVN

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Something is Wrong!

MY intuition says something is really going to be Wrong!

This happened almost 7-9yrs back, when there was great trauma in my life (also it took a while to recover), now it’s back. Note sure what would be the impact, but Yes, I am prepared to certain extent to face any kind of tsunami this time.... while I can anticipate few, but never know what is under the carpet.

When the intuition says something going to be wrong, then “Stress” increases and when Stress increases the “Fear of Failure Steps In” and that is more “Stressful” than the actual Stress itself.

And Fear is something that loves to grow and fester in people. It can be much bigger than life sometimes. I think I am fearful of a future outcome and it has already preoccupied my mind and my intuition and giving HARD time to HEARING my positive intuition???? I think it is impairing my judgment so that I do not even know that my feelings are fear based??? I know and I strongly believe fear can greatly hinder our intuition.

But what about the proven facts from past???? Unanswered!

Looks like I need a desperate break, not in a state of mind to give or accept any.

My Lord - Need Your Help Please....

- Shastry MVN

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Wish “MY” life was a straight line, unlike connecting dots!

Have been living isolated (from personal relations) for some time now, feel good factor. Human tendency we often crib on what we do not have, than appreciating about the fact what we have. Started inheriting the fact “what was not ours, will never be ours and what is ours is always ours, and will be around us... all we need to do is figure out what is OURS” and life will be so easy to live.

Pressure is mounting on professional front, many times feel like running away from all responsibilities... yet again end of day they are to be dealt by me, if not today probably tomorrow I will need to handle it, so living with it. But I fail to understand why don’t organizations understand that needs of the organization and our needs as workers are the same???.

I will not make this happen “ME” as an entrepreneur. BTW business front, everything going good... will post some great updates & achievements soon. It’s time to be employee, bye for now.

- Shastry MVN

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"AIM Group" Completes 1 Year!

We “AIM Group” completed 1 Year Today (09 Feb 2011) and in other scene I have completed 1 year as an Entrepreneur. Time moves very fast, I feel just 7-8 blogs behind I have mentioned I became Entrepreneur! but this 1 year was good exposure and great learning’s. BTW at this juncture, I would like to mention Arun is onboard of “AIM Group” as an equity holder, looking forward for his undivided contributions to “AIM”. We have proposed many successful projects and we are confident that we will be launching few of them this year.

Looking forward for “HIS” support too.

"The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight." - Mark Caine

- Shastry MVN

Friday, February 4, 2011

Why “ME” Always!?!?!?

I never thought this would happen again to “ME”, but life is indeed a mystery. It’s time I accept the FACT, I’ve FAILED to be successful in PERSONAL RELATIONS, probably its time I can stop looking forward for it!?

Life has number of surprises for all, sometimes pleasant and sometimes unpleasant ones. But then we have to move on and I am not saying this, this is what we are hearing and we were taught from our childhood. Since childhood I am doing it religiously, but... but it bleeds, when TRUST breaks in personal relations and we try hard to cope with it and move on in life. Every time we try not to think about it, we end up sulking and wondering what things otherwise could have been, still we desperately try and finally we fail and the pain spreads on all over our body and cripples us...sometimes even chokes.

Looking back, I wonder why did I land up in something like this again? Where did things go wrong? I know, I can never get answers to those endless questions that run in my mind. Do i deserve this? Maybe, I do. Maybe I am paying for the “SINS” that I have committed. Maybe someone else is also writing something like this somewhere and I am responsible for it??? I do not know. How long will I have to pay for my SINS???, if any. Often we wonder what would happen next, only to find out that the reality is so very different from all our wonders.

Am I talking all non-sense? But then why is that I can’t move ahead with the flow, like rest?? Why am I holding back??? Is something still ahead for me, for which I still need to wait???? Would I ever meet happiness again????? Would life ever take a different course from here for “ME”??????

Looking forward to hear back from “HIM”, Desperately.

- Shastry MVN