Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year and New Vision

New Year and New Vision…Wow feeling “Super” after getting rid of Contact Lenses & Spectacles, my 6 year of anguish is completely out now. Underwent 100% Blade Free LASIK Laser Treatment on 01 Jan 2010 @ Max Vision, Begumpet. Everything happened so swiftly that I can’t believe that am done now?! Actually I was planning to undergo this treatment almost from past 5 years (I still remember the occasion where I was commented by ex-manager in my previous company, in company tour), finally in 2010. Sometimes it’s good that we are left alone without partying, so that we do important/productivity things. (I was referring to 31st Dec 2009)

All it happened in just 20min, latter the physician over there sentenced me to play blind role for next 2 days…all Black, Black.. NO SMS, Emails, Television…etc etc. I know I might have hurt couple of my friends on great occasion, by not responding to their Calls, SMS’s and followed by my mobiles were off for 3 consecutive days, but it was inevitable… am sure they will standby me, afterall they all are my friends. The day went in same way, latter in the evening Mr. CH. Ajay Kumar (is our close family friend and we know him for last 15 years… we all [my family & extended family] call him Sir and at fun time we call him as Black Fellow) has come to see me.

While I was religiously playing blind role, we went into deep discussions recollecting all the hitches we went through at early stage of our relation almost 13 years back, it was really good feeling to recollect all those hitches and good learning’s from those bad & odd days on 01 Jan 2010 (what a way to begin new year)..... while I agree that today those wounds are already healed, but the instances where our own people have backstabbed which resulted those dire consequences are still so fresh as if we have dealt with them last year. (the pain was of that kind what we went thru)

We stopped at a point where Sir reminded us a stage where we had to light a old candle (with the help of house owners) for whole day for residential usage, as we could not afford to buy matchbox. It was 11.00pm by then and we moved to dinner and followed by bed.

In my opinion every learning learnt from life will have/play a significant role in future…. All learning’s are for GOOD.

Shastry MVN