Saturday, March 19, 2016

Regaining thru Reunion..!

This month is my Sixth Class Reunion - Wow! Where did the years go??

We kind of met almost after 21+ years (ofcourse, was in touch with very few of them on FB), but meeting them in person was cherishing movement.

How did all happen?

At the outset I would like to thank My Sister & Sharath (Roopa’s (formerly known as RC Roopa Kala & now Roopa Kiran) Brother they were our juniors in the school), one fine morning Roopa called me to know whereabouts about by Sister, since their class have proposed for a reunion & Sharath wanted my sister to join, apparently Roopa landed on a call with me. And that’s the movement I asked Roopa why can’t we have one for ourselves? With every open mindedly & enthusiastically she responded, ofcourse yes we should and rest fell in place in no time... And thanks to the network of Subbu (known as Subhadra Bhupathiraju firebrand of those days) and ofcourse to WhatsApp technology all of us could speak in matter on 24-48hours... Game!   

I missed updating above, today I kind of have/took liberty (hopefully?) to call Subbu, but she was used to kind of tear apart people who called her so in our childhood days... maybe time and maturity changes people a lot, but that doesn’t mean she changed her firebrand nature J, today I may want to call her a go-getter! Atleast from what I have started knowing her form last month or so.

Game On!

Daily group chatting, personal chatting, sharing old memorable images, discussing over them, knowing each other onto where are they, what do they do, how are they placed on personal & professional front etc.. etc... One sad part of whole conversations which kind of made me slowed down was, not one actually two... Was Mr. M. Kalyan from our batch has lost his life couple of year ago and most of us don’t even know till Suri (known as Surendra Penmatsa) brought that topic up... as someone rightly said, we never know the actual value of anything unless lost. Second was R. Kalyan, committed suicide (still alive) due to family pressure, yet to establish his contact.  

Happiest part is, kind of all of us are settled well and Jayanth (known as Jayanth Wuppalapati) needs a better opportunity to be created for and one cannot be changed forever.

I was kind of inclined towards adding Varma (known as Alluri Gopi Krishna Prasanna Varma) & Dinesh (he is very particular in spelling & calling him Dhanesh & known as Dhanesh Goud Balasetti sorry pal  unless you told, I was under impression it was Dinesh, infact most of us) Thanks to Subbu, she did it!

Dhanesh did help me how to focus on education, when I was struggling in my school days. Don’t know why but I have a special corner for Varma :-) always, and will continue so.

Sirisha (known as Sirisha Atluri) is the group anchor with Roopa, Subbu, Ram (Datla Rama Chandra Raju alias, Thunder Striker, Match Stick God, etc..etc, this blog scope will not suffice to write about him, will share more in detail in upcoming blogs) & Teja (known as Samuel Tejkar) and bawaaaa Sirisha..  A mass memory bank, she kind of digs up lot of old stuff and we enjoy discussing them, thus keeping group live.   

Dhanesh irrespective of the fact that he is from different time zone still compensates the time in group, a liking factor... Prasad (known as MVV Prasad) was active on day one latter couldn’t join us as he also faces similar issue like Dhanesh.  

Roopa was swift enough to propose the meeting (ofcouse in offline consent with few of us) and all of us kind of agreed for 5 March 2016 initially, however since Suri couldn’t make it up, so we kind of moved it by a week and made it as 13 March 2016 @ Sujana Forum Mall – Kukatpally, by 10.30am.

The Day Before We Meet

In our routine chats I kind of witnessed that Ala (know as Ram Mohan Ala) was ignoring to my chats and same was the feeling Satish (known as Satish Raju Kalidindi) had towards him, Satish tried to get response on couple of occasions but was never successful with Ala, however I wanted to be very specific before I face him tomorrow, hence hooked him at a point got clarification and as expected, he was kind of occupied and doesn’t reads previous chats, so I was done.. Since I had to face similar situation with one more tomorrow I was kind of very precise on Ala front, good that it eased my mind.   

 @ 8.00pm received call from Lanka (known as Naga Anil Lanka) asking me to join at Chutneys KPHB by 8.30pm where GV (known as GV Satish) & Teja were to join for dinner, it was kind of a warm-up day before the actual meeting, however due to space constraint we have to move to Delicacy, where Anil left early on personal reasons.

We kind of shared lot of personal space and got to know that GV was NOT that simple as he looks like :-), had to drop Teja and head towards home signing the day off.

The Day 13 March 2016

Subbu was ahead of time by the time we (Teja, GV & Me) reached there on time, and in no time Roopa, Sirisha & Jayanth have joined us, all of us are kind of put-on, with age :-) & as we wait I witnessed Ala & Satish together came in (lot of ease) with Anil (known as Datla Anil) & Joshi (known as Savan Kumar Joshi).

Joshi & I used to be my thick friends... We kind of shared good, bad & odd situations in our childhood together for good span of time, but there were bad clouds parted our relationship for some years now. But then when he returned, I felt chaotic, like my words were shattering. But, in a way, it's freeing. You have to live your full self, and but sometimes that's complicated, and painful, and kind of sucks. If the end is well then all is well... kind of landed well, looks like even he was prepared for same as I did, we hugged each other & exchanged good conversation.  

Mukesh (known as Chittiboena Mukesh Raju), Lanka, Varma & Suri followed-in & Ram joined little late.

Initially I had enthused, but it kind of faded in no time, why? Probably I don’t feel them apart of me, it was like my extended family & meeting after long time, and was all so causal (thanks to all, making me feel so). Conversations were going great and each other were pulling the other, while the gang was busy Lanka roped-in his professional team to collect snaps and we moved to school for further snaps, followed by lunch@ Moghal Paradise opposite the mall.

Arrangements were taken care by Satish & to our surprise the food was much much better than what we went with predetermined mindset (by reading online reviews). Post lunch the team headed to Ramdev hospital to visit our Principal Madams mother, who was in ICU, the visit was unsuccessful.

All moved back to mall started having deserts, at that movement when I was thinking all was going great! Then joins Vani (known as Satya Vani) to my surprise she was in white & white and I got to know that she took up Brahma Kumaris, I was kind of devastated, the only living being who have the capacity of thinking, planning, executing, communicating and what not, had ended up with NO choices by OWN..! It did disturb me for a while, but I was quick enough to get over it, thinking its individual choices & perceptions, after all it’s theirs own life.

In the process of creating the Beauty, we ignore the Beauty In & Around US... Start Living The Life. -Shastry MVN

We (all boys) were quick enough to wrap-up things at mall and headed towards Ram’s office cum guest house, to have some boy’s fun time and winded-up the day @ 7.30pm.

I wanted to be apologetic to Satish in person, but couldn’t (reasons unknown), hence I wish to document it here openly in front of whole world. I have seen Satish with his wife @
Bhramarambha theater and I did recognize him, but kind of ignored (almost a year plus)... one of the reason could be we never shared more personal space in ending of school days. Forgive me Dude!

This reunion was certainly one of my fondest memories from high school and one that I will always remember.  A few of our many ex
periences, in Vignana Prabha Vidya Niketan High School.

Regaining thru Reunion, hope I called it apt after 4 years of prolonged gap on blogging... The desire was always there to express my feelings & thoughts, but the kind of push was missing... Thanks to this gang, made me do so. 

Loyalty cannot be Gifted, Purchased nor its Inherited... One needs to Earn it with their Own Deeds, and Surprisingly will be Lost with same Own Deeds. - Shastry MVN


Unknown said...

Shastry I relived the whole experience while reading through it... I cannot give a better compliment than that... Keep writing...u can call me Subbu... Fire brand or anything... U guys r my extended family...Loved ur last quotation ....

Varma Alluri said...

This is an awesome narration Shastry. Since I moved schools every year I missed this reunions though I wished to have one for a long time. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of you again. Its really surprising that we never met each other in KPHB for so long. We should continue this and most importantly we need to back each other from now. Lastly very good narrative buddy.

MVN Shastry said...

Thanks Subbu & Varma.