Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tiffs and Greed….

Funny subject is it? Actually not, when tiffs are not taken appropriately (that too when personal and professional things are together VERY THIN LINE)....The week which passed away was one of the good learning’s for me, while I always knew when individuals highlight or show slip-ups in others the usual reaction would be to defend themselves.... But I never knew that a long and good relation/s can come to an END by doing so!

Well now I started thinking “am I at fault” for being what I am! Don’t know (my instinct says NO). I might have hurt, but definitely not for my fault.... Are you ready to discuss again and patch-up? NO. Can we sit and solve? Yes... Do I expect the same back what I give? Probably the answer is Yes! Too many things ha? I think I am grafting over these things time and again in relations. :-(

Greed is one of those things which is part of everybody and to a degree I guess it's OK. But is it OK in trusted relations? Naaa.... I don’t think so. I was bewildered, when I observed some of my trusted, in-fact very trusted person/s! changing words extremely opposite side, for their monetary benefits. Thus Greed rule even relations? Gosh where am I heading too?...?...?

- Shastry MVN

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