Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Miss You 2010 and Welcome 2011...!

As mentioned earlier, Year 2010 was a Wonderful and in a way, Very Successful Year to Me! Could achieve many important milestones and most importantly I could become ENTREPRENEUR, my long awaited dream and finally after 3 long years, could bring back my close pal to Hyderabad and many more success stories. OK ups and downs are part and parcel of life, but this year had great opportunity to learn many things from those occasions.... getting used to things, especially on personal relations front.

Recent incident (accident) was one such experience which gave me a new light in life. I was forced to think something altogether in new direction, have big plans pondering around, but yes was really lucky to survive. Thanks to my companions in the incident, my friends, my well-wishers and most importantly special thanks to Suri Babu for being in my life and helping me to get chance for second innings.

One thing I regret for in this year, I was not successful in carrying forward one good thing from 2009, reading books! Hardly I have completed 3 books this year.

By the grace of God, I wish to carry forward the same luck in 2011 from 2010 and I have set some strong priorities for 2011 as well as for Life. Following are for 2011:

Personal Front:
• Focus on Physical Fitness
• More Time For Books

Business Front:
• Expansion of AIM Group by introducing new verticals.
• Exploring New Business Opportunities to expand Business in India and Aboard if possible.

And for Life:
• To Retire from professional work, by the time when I complete 35yrs, I have entered 30’s this year and given 5yrs to myself to achieve it. Not just Retire, but to achieve my life time goal and Retire.

It might sound peculiar to many of you, who doesn’t know me more personally from my childhood, but this brings NO surprise to all who know me very closely. To clear the air, I have been working from last 15yrs, by missing many important things of life; my childhood, my relations, my education...etc...etc. I am tired now, in all ways. But this is my last lap, will give my best effort to succeed my life time goal and then want to freak out like anything, want to explore life from minute things, I personally believe happiness lees in smallest of things, when you carefully consider. Lets us see what “HE” has got to say/do.

In my opinion “Life is Beautiful” when you know reason for living, I happen to figure out the same recently and I strive to live for same moving ahead. Now it’s your

Wishing You All, Happy & Prosperous New Year 2011, in Advance.

2 cents on Life: Life is not about winning or losing, it's not about battles or competitions, it's not about mistakes or missed opportunities, it's about realizing the true meaning of life, it's about freeing your mind & soul of dust, life is about your own definition of success. YOUR LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL, YOU ARE ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL PERIOD -
Sachin Joshi

- Shastry MVN

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