Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Wish “MY” life was a straight line, unlike connecting dots!

Have been living isolated (from personal relations) for some time now, feel good factor. Human tendency we often crib on what we do not have, than appreciating about the fact what we have. Started inheriting the fact “what was not ours, will never be ours and what is ours is always ours, and will be around us... all we need to do is figure out what is OURS” and life will be so easy to live.

Pressure is mounting on professional front, many times feel like running away from all responsibilities... yet again end of day they are to be dealt by me, if not today probably tomorrow I will need to handle it, so living with it. But I fail to understand why don’t organizations understand that needs of the organization and our needs as workers are the same???.

I will not make this happen “ME” as an entrepreneur. BTW business front, everything going good... will post some great updates & achievements soon. It’s time to be employee, bye for now.

- Shastry MVN

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